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HH Southbend Profit
Reg#: *X4195667
Birthdate: 2/28/2012

  CF Solution X ET *x4072518
Sire: Sull GNCC Asset ET *4099888
  K-Kim Mona Lisa 35L ET *84037424
  WHR Sonny 8114 ET *x4009301
Dam: GCC Augusta Pride 31272ND ET*x4093733
  SS Augusta Pride 3127 *x3920500
Profit is a solid white, long-sided bull that will definitely add length to any animal. Phantom Creek farm will have the first Profit calves on the ground next spring with HH Southbend Farms calving next fall.

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JSF Task Force 200X
Reg#: *X4179084
Birthdate: 9/11/2010

  Saskvalley Ripper 260R  xC471793
Sire: Saskvalley Task Force 105T  x4161515
  Saskvalley Maggie 73R  xC682110
  GFS Red Cloud 183 *x4048235
Dam: KL Cassandria 5038  x4121906
  KL Tea Rose  x 4042853
Task Force is thick made from head to tail and just an all-around solid bull. The first of his calves were thick like him when they hit the ground this spring and we are excited about what is calving this fall.

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Waukaru Sleep Easy 2122
Reg#: *X4188078
Birthdate: 3/23/2012

  ASH Valley Double Duty 6215
Sire: ASH Valley Duty 9586
  Ash Valley Maize 3511
  Waukaru Gold Mine 2109
Dam: Waukaru 2109 Beth 0079
  Waukaru Vann 7097
Sleep Easy is exactly what his name says, with a calving ease score of 8, he is a solid choice to address calving ease and birth weights. He was new to our farm this spring and is bred to 90% of our heifers. We look forward to seeing this guy's calves hit the ground.

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Waukaru Calibur 1060
Reg#: *X4175407
Birthdate: 2/20/2011

  Waukaru Gold Card 5042 x4095819
Sire: Waukaru Patent 8161 ET x4144656
  Waukaru 12H Melita Rose 4112499
  Waukaru Coppertop 464 x4081334
Dam: Waukaru Red Nan 7027 *x4125314
  Waukaru Red Carney Nan 0 *4023362
We are excited to add this Patent son to our herd.

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TS Grand Teton SC
Reg#: *X4126143
Birthdate: 3/11/2007

  Byland Mission 6RD112 *x3985938
Sire: TS Star Contender MS x4096221
  TS Morning Star MP x3935322
  HHFS Dream Weaver x3937622
Dam: HHFS Donna Cyanea x4035571
  TS Donna May BC x3865673
Teton is a deep, solid red, power house of a bull. You can look through the pasture and pick out each of his calves; he is consistent in stamping them with his look and style. Several of his daughters have made it to the show ring over the years. Semen is available for sale.

Reserve Champion Bull in the Junior Division
at the 2010 MN State Fair

TS Captain Coke GT
owned with Whitewater Creek Farm
Reg#: *X4151779
Birthdate: 1/30/2009
BW: 102 lbs

  TS Star Contender MS x4096221
Sire: TS Grand Teton SC x4126143
  HHFS Donna Cyanea x4035571
  Sherwoods Red Vision 576M ET *x4053485
Dam: TS Celena Rose RV *x4096226
  TS Purple Rose EQ *x4020732
Captain Coke is the son of Grand Teton, he like his father is a deep red, big footed bull. His structural soundness and extreme depth of body is carried out throughout his caves.

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